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Snowbird Season: Here’s what you should know about them!

It’s that time of the year again when snowbirds flock to The United States for a warm winter getaway from the harsh weather up North. Thousands of Canadians find it impossible to cope up with the colder weather up there and leave their country drifting towards a warmer climate. As the biting cold starts to set in Canada, Majority of the Canadian Snowbirds flock to the US.

They pack their bags, buy their tickets or get their RV prepared and run away from the chills and thrills of freezing Canadian winters. Even though it has been seen in recent years that the snowbirds arriving have started getting younger with people in their 40s and 50s also coming in but still the main population consists of the retirees, the older adults. The winter gets difficult for everyone and especially for older people and therefore they get the need to flee from it. Today, in this blog post we would know some of the important information about these “Snowbirds” and their favourite destination in the United States.

First things first, what are snowbirds?  

It may be confusing to some who have no idea about snowbirds, but unlike the name, Snow Birds are actually People like you and me and not really birds. It is used as a metaphor for a group of travellers (usually retirees) who travel seasonally to areas with warmer climate during the harsh winter season. However, occasionally the word “snowbird” can be taken as offence too. “Winter Visitors” is a better and politically correct term of these visitors. “Snowbird” sometimes gives a negative notion and can be associated with clogged freeways and restaurants and slow drivers.

Where is the best place to be a snowbird?

People or retirees, who move to warmer places to escape the harsh winter the climate in their home area, look for affordable & comfortable vacation rentals in the warm spots of Sun Belt. There are a number of places all over these states in the United States which are suitable for the snow birders to make it their temporary home and save themselves from the rigid colder climate.

  • Florida

New York, Michigan, Ohio, St. Petersburg, Big Pine Key, Cocoa Beach, Treasure Island, The Villages, HOLLYWOOD

  • Georgia

Tybee Island, Savannah, Kingsland, Jekyll Island, Brunswick

  • Texas

Brownsville, McAllen, San Antonio, Houston, Galveston, Corpus Christi

  • California

Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Death Valley, Newport Beach, Palm Springs, Huntington Beach

  • Nevada

Las Vegas, Laughlin, Mesquite, Boulder City

  • New Mexico

Caballo, Tucumcari, Alamogordo, Las Cruces

  • Arizona
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What state has the most snowbirds?

According to surveys, Maximum numbers of snowbirds are expected to land to the Sunshine state every year. Florida State claims to have more than 810,000 “snowbirds” each year hence being the King of the Canadian Snowbird destination in the entire United States. The renowned beaches, lots of sunshine and warm climate of the state unsurprisingly attract the tourists most. Snowbirds find endless options for outdoor activities, water sports, fine dining and shopping here. New York is the favourite among these snowbirds to have a great time in the warmth, Michigan closing second and Ohio coming third in the favourite list of the snowbirds.

Where do snowbirds go in Arizona?

The southern part of state Arizona especially has the maximum number of destinations for these travellers.  The apt low humidity, mild temperatures and stunning views make it the perfect location for snowbirds to jump right in. Some of the places in Arizona State for snowbirds are:

  • Yuma, Arizona

Yuma is one of the top spots for snowbirds looking to escape the chills of winter. The city is situated on the border of California & Mexico and has been named as the sunniest place on earth. If this makes you think that is Yuma the hottest city in the US? Then No, it’s not the hottest but definitely the sunniest & among the hotter & prettier ones. Yuma is also the warmest place in Arizona during the winter season. Another question to come into the mind of people before coming to Yuma is whether Yuma AZ is a safe place to live for snowbirds?

The answer to this is a big Yes. A large number of people come to visit Yuma and make it their temporary homes during needed times. The population of this city almost doubles during snowbird season as they come flocking here to enjoy Sunshine. During your stay here, snowbirds Yuma enjoy the golf courses or casinos nearby or just a relaxing sleep in the sun.

  • Flagstaff, Arizona

Hidden in the shadow of the great Grand Canyon, this town is an amazing place to stay being away from the winter. It also has one of the most loved National Parks in the country and a great number of options for camping for Snowbirds.

  • Quartzsite, Arizona

This the place is a definitive snowbird destination. This sleepy desert gets transfigured into a hustling bustling city with travellers from all of the country.  Tourists can enjoy the flea markets and show that happen all across the season in the city.

  • Mesa, Arizona

Mesa is more on the hip side of the destinations. It’s the cultural hotspot in the east of Phoenix. The city is renowned for Art with numerous galleries all over & great fine dining restaurants.

  • Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is the second biggest city of the Arizona state and is surrounded by magnificent landscapes with Saguaro National Park towering high being home to the saguaro cacti. Travellers can explore the mountains or visit the Casinos in the town. Also named as the “City of Gastronomy” by UNESCO, Snowbirds can explore the world Famous South-western and Mexican cuisine in the city and satisfy their hunger pangs & enhance their taste buds.

How long do snowbirds stay in Arizona?

Stay for snowbirds in Arizona or any other part of the country range from 3 to 6 months. There are short term visitors as well as long term residents arriving who spend their time accordingly. The snowbirds stay as much as possible until the freezing up their native warms up a bit. Most of them start arriving in October and stay till the middle of April with only a few extending till May.

How do snowbirds winterize their home before moving away?

As the winter onsets, the snowbirds get ready to leave their home and move away till it feels like summer again.  But what happens to their home all this time they are away. If these homes are left as it is for months and not winterized and taken care of properly, they can be seriously damaged causing a big repair bill after a return. Here are some of the steps to winterize the vacant home before waving it bye:

  • Turning of & unplugging of all Heating Systems and Electricals
  • Antifreeze for Unfrozen Toilets
  • Draining All Supply Lines
  • Shutting off Water Heater & all other Water supply
  • Keeping a Warm Home with a low furnace setting
  • Disposing of Uneaten Food which cannot be taken away on the trip
  • Gutter cleaning

How does COVID-19 impact the Snowbirds this season?

With everything said the Global pandemic has impacted everyone including the snowbirds. Due to the Corona Virus, it is likely that the count of this winter visitors reduces majorly this season. With international borders being closed for sometimes, the coronavirus threat has compelled everyone to stay indoors and avoid going out as much as possible. The people who will still travel should be very careful of their surrounding. A COVID 19 test before the journey and take proper precautions through it and after reaching would certainly help! It;s always better to safer than sorry. Stay Safe everyone and Happy Holidays!

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