When we dream of an ideal world, we see that everyone is with their parents living happily together till the end of lifetime. However, this doesn’t always work out. Time constraint, housing constraint and severe medical conditions of seniors forces them to be away from their loved ones. This is when Old age homes come into picture. They are a safe space created solely for the purpose of comfort for our loved one senior to lead a comfortable life. Old age homes were seen to be a place of gloom and loneliness but that is a rarity in case of places with poor infrastructure and facilities.

old age homes vs retirement home

The major difference that lies between old age homes is the amount of independence seniors get there.  It’s like an institution with basic facilities provided where seniors must spend their days and nights with lot of common areas. On the other hand, retirement homes are more facilitated. They are made up of separate units independent of each other with services like a regular residential apartments rather than more equipped catering to seniors requirements like easy reach to light switches, rails, emergency system, slopes than stairs etc. Meeting families in old age homes are restricted because they have fixed hours for visitors and no one can stay for few days however retirement home like one’s own personal apartment where anyone can come anytime and stay for as many days as they like so seniors would have their own freedom to spend time with family, extended family, children and grandchildren to their liking.

old age home with nursing care

There are lot of old age homes with great facilities including nursing and medical care. Separate section with medically equipped doctors and nurses are on board for services whenever required. Seniors after certain age need support and medical help periodically to stay healthy. Therefore old age homes with nursing care are a must.

Is it good to send parents to old age home?

One can never have a good enough reason to stay away from parents. However, there comes a point in life where practical thinking overtakes emotions and these support homes helps during that. The fast-paced life that adults are going through everyday with work, job and travel, handling everything perfectly singlehandedly. So, its better to have our beloved seniors in a safe place well taken care off than struggling to take care of them and drowning in that guilt.

old age home

Reasons for old age homes & Why old age homes are increasing nowadays?

Times have changed and so have the mindset of people. Along with the mindset, the social pressure and the pressure to sustain has also gone to next level. All of these and more acts as a catalyst in changing the norms of daily life. Children could never be happier than while living with their parents. Parents dedicate their entire adult life to give their offspring a good life, so when it comes to them taking rest and enjoying life, its children’s duty and responsibility to give them the best life possible. In order to provide that, there are some sacrifices are to be made on both the ends. Today it is very difficult for adults to manage their job, family and social life all together without any compromise. To provide the older adults best retirement life possible, their kids opt for old age homes and retirement homes. A place where their parents can live life on their own terms among similar people and with best supervision and facility around. Children can visit their parents anytime and sleep peacefully at night thinking that their parent’s wellbeing is not compromised and they are well taken care off.

old age home is good or bad

Every concept has its own pros and cons. Its up to an individual to weigh mindfully and see what is best suited to their requirement. Old age homes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Seniors can enjoy staying in these homes with friends like co habitants and get attained to whenever needed for any chores. However the sadness of leaving ones home and staying away from family is unmatched and can never be overcome.

old age home, is it good for new generation

The new generation or today’s generation is different that what people were in their past. They are more career focused and social media savvy. The concept of residential homes for seniors or old age homes gels well with them. They cannot take care of their parents well and then will forever be in the guilt of not taking care of them well. To save themselves from all of this, they send their parents to old age homes where they are well taken care off and catered to any requirement.

Which country has more old age homes?

Studies says that Asia and Europe has world’s most oldest population aged 65 and above.  Therefore the likelihood of old age homes are more in these continents. Finland is considered as one of the best country to live in for seniors with all its facilities available.

how much does an old age home cost?

The cost of old age homes depends on several factors including the location, required facilities and the type of medical services needed. These retirement homes sometimes called as old people’s home have cost divided basing upon the need of the seniors. Also different kind of residential homes like senior living or assisted living or nursing homes or Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) have different price chart based on the services that they provide. Please have a thorough understanding of your requirement and then look for the pricing accordingly.

Best Old age homes in Yuma Arizona

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