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Yearly Archives: 2021

Here’s what you should know about Adult Day Care Services

If you have abundance of love for seniors in your family nevertheless unable to give needed care and support for them while going on a job, or you are a senior who need an amazing place to socialise and meet likeminded group everyday, Adult day-care services is the right choice for you. These day-cares have different assistance provided in their…

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5 Tips to ensure hydration in seniors.

Hydration is incredibly important for everyone, and more so for older adults. Our Senior community is prone to more effect of heat and therefore remain at a higher risk of dehydration. With time, many seniors tend to experience less thirst. This causes them to intake lesser liquid unless they are very thirsty, and the body starts showing desperate signs. The…

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Assisted living : Beware of The COVID19 hoaxes

Every one can be scammed if not well prepared. Older adults have always been a soft target for scammers  and there is nothing new about that. However,  with COVID-19 pandemic , this has increased more with large number of identity theft and other scams involving seniors  has  come  into picture. A report says that FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has received…

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Senior Assisted Living Apartments: A smooth transition to a relaxed life

Apartments specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of older adults falls under Senior Living Apartments. These are kind of apartments or townhouses within a community which are designed in a specific way and has all the needs for an Older adult planning to reside in it.  Many seniors after reaching a point in their life need assistance for some…

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Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC) – Everything you need to know.

What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)? Continuing Care Retirement Communities or abbreviated as CCRS are retirement communities, an alternative residential option for elderly that provides supple housing options like independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care.  What is a CCRC?  A CCRC is a place where one would have access to all the world-class amenities and facilities and different level of care as per the need within a single ground.  It gives you a…

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Assisted Living: Healthy Eating Habits for seniors.

Healthy eating is for everyone but as age progresses it becomes more important to eat fresh and stay fit.  When one eats well, it not only keeps the body healthy but also derives a path to staying emotionally balanced and have a constructive outlook towards life.  Eating a well-balanced diet becomes essential with age to stay fit. As one age,…

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