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Yearly Archives: 2020

Snowbird Season: Here’s what you should know about them!

It’s that time of the year again when snowbirds flock to The United States for a warm winter getaway from the harsh weather up North. Thousands of Canadians find it impossible to cope up with the colder weather up there and leave their country drifting towards a warmer climate. As the biting cold starts to set in Canada, Majority of the…

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Independent living services: COVID 19 and its impact on the aged group.

The world is fighting a pandemic today and everyone is impacted. Every individual has the risk of getting affected by the virus and face dreadful consequences. But, the risk and effect of this terrible disease increase with age putting the seniors at a higher risk.  As one grows older, the risk of ailment due to COVID19 increases gradually. The greatest…

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How Can Aged shop during COVID-19?

Aged care shop during COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic has taken over our world like never seen before. There is no place or person left unaffected. The disease is so easily contractible makes it really difficult to remain safe and especially for people with compromised immunity. Aged care at a greater risk for this virus because of a weaker immune system…

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Healthy Eating habits for seniors

Healthy Eating is the first step towards a healthy living. When you subject your body to good food, it directly reduces the risk of developing heart problems or any other chronic diseases. The habit of eating good food or in another word “Healthy Eating” should be inculcated from childhood and expand through all the phases of life however it becomes…

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